Poker “No Man’s Land”

What is an average poker player to
do?  To me, it seems we are in a Poker No Man’s Land.  In tennis, No
Man’s Land is the area on the court around the service line; about 1/2
way between the base line and the net.  It’s called No Man’s Land
because when you are in this area, you are not in position to attack or
defend very well…and you will most likely lose the point to your
opponent.  From No Man’s Land you are indecisive, you don’t have the
angles, you don’t have purpose…you are simply looking to have your
opponent win the point by sending a passing shot down either lane. The
average poker player can sometimes find themselves in the poker
equivalent of “No Man’s Land”.  Unwilling to stay in the game levels
where they have had success, itching and excited to move up, but
lacking the tools to attack effectively at higher levels.

I consider myself an average poker
player.  Average players are better than those just starting out or
your run-of-the-mill recreational poker player (like Uncle Al and his
Annual Thanksgiving Family Free for All).  Average players are better
than most on the bar poker scene (didn’t get all their poker strategy
from ‘that guy playin pool over there’).  However, average players have
not hit ‘The Big Score’ which allows them to quit their day jobs and
get a condo in Vegas.  They’re likely a little too short on their
skills to live life as a grinder. And, they certainly do not have the
bankroll to support a steady diet of mid to large buy-in tournaments.

What is an average poker player to
do?  My suggestion is to manage your bankroll effectively.  Keep being
profitable where you have success until your bankroll supports moving
up! Keep honing your skills in a solid home poker league.  It’ll take
patience and endurance to ‘grind it out’ on weeknights and weekends –
while keeping that Monday to Friday day job.  You’ll need to buy into
satellites to give yourself a shot at some serious cash…and it may take
several satellites before you make it to a bigger tournament.  Keep in
mind that once you make it to a bigger tournament you’ll still face the
Matterhorn-like climb of making it into the money.  But, don’t fret and
don’t give up!  You are in good company with many many other average
poker players! All it takes is one tournament!  Stay out of Poker’s No
Man’s Land and stay where you are effective until you hit that big