Another State Tourney – Karaoke Phil on the road

From Karaoke Phil:

I took down Session 1 at Erik’s Bar (St. Paul) for the current WSOP promotion.  That gets me straight to the State  Touney which should take place in May sometime.  But, first comes the State Tourney for last Season – “The Fall Spectacular” – my third consecutive FPN State Tourney.

I’ll be heading up to the Shooting Star Casino on Friday to prep for the big day on Saturday.  Across the state there have been 251 qualifiers – the top 7 players will win airfare/hotel package and a spot in the exclusive 25-player National Championship in Vegas.   Main prize there? A $5k WSOP Circuit Main Event seat!  Another $7K in various othersentries will also being given away.

The odds will be difficult but I feel a few things are in my favor.  First, not all 251 people will show.  The last time we were in Mahnomen there were 30 or so no shows for a bigger prize pool. 

Second, I’m playing well. I’ve struggled recently in our home league, but finally took that down this week.   In the FPN, I’ve final tabled (it’s the final 8 in their league) 8 of the last 10 tournaments I’ve played (average field of 33) and played better than my finish a couple weeks back in an HPT League Match (36th of 75 players).

Next, I hope to learn from experience – as I noted above,this is my third straight FPN State Tourney. I have much more confidence now in how to play my way through it.  It’s a bit of deeper stack tournament and I’ve“rushed” a little too much in my first two appearances (going out about a third of the way in on one and about level 3 in the other).

Finally, FPN does a great job of keeping track of various stats – average points earned per tourney, “winning” and “losing” streaks(really streaks of finishing top 30% or not), a “power” ranking they created and more.
  Players are segmented out in numbers of matches played – allowing for more apples to apples comparison.  You need to play at least 25 times before they start listing your stats.  I’m currently in the 50 to 99 matches played category and ranked 11thstatewide (of 2720 players) for average points earned per tournament with a Power ranking of 74th. It’s simply another chip in the confidence stack –I can compete with these guys (and gals – which include our own CPL family member Wanda Bublitz).

I hope to have some good news to report on soon.