Double Stack Heads up SNGs on Full Tilt

I haven’t seen much talk about this but a couple weeks back FullTilt added a double stack option to their heads up sit-n-go’s (sng’s). These may be the best thing since numbers were put on cards.

          Pre-1880 Anglo-French Playing Cards
 Many are saying that Full Tilt’s recent Rush Poker implementation is the new “crack” of card games.  If that’s the case then this new double stack heads up sng structure is the way to cover payments for your“addiction”.   In my experience, most players aren’t very good at heads up play – okay, I’m talking the $1 and $2 level where I’m trolling around.  They are alternately too aggressive, too impatient, too transparent and/or too static in their play allowing one to exploit them with some ease.

The new sng structure has you starting with 3000 chips instead of the usual 1500.  This allows for plenty of room to make some plays while still surviving a mistake or a bad beat.  It also allows plenty of time to accurately figure out what style your opponent falls into so you can alter your play to beat him.  These extra chips really help the patient player and, I think, allow for superior play to ultimately prevail (usually).   Most of my games are going 70 to 90 hands, with several breaking the 100 mark.  Only 1 match lasted but a single hand(a third time tiebreak rematch against an overly aggressive chap who moved all-in after I flopped bottom two pair) – he flopped top pair asI suspected and I held on to win.

Since “discovering” this update I’ve won nearly 75% (17 of 23) of the matches I’ve played for a tidy profit of a little more than $15 –which is a good thing since Rush Poker losses have put my bankroll back on life support.